Guidelines for live-webcast participants

Participating from home or in a group setting might have the same impact as being in Engelberg. We consider you as joining the same space with us and invite you to follow the same guidelines we offer to everyone being with us in Engelberg:


During the whole time of the retreat, from the opening to the closing meeting, we ask you to refrain from any activity that is not directly related to The Work and what Byron Katie has to offer i.e. using the internet, reading, or listening to music. Doing sports is also not part of the retreat.

Byron Katie will frequently ask you to observe your thoughts and a part of The Work is to write those thoughts down on paper. Please refrain from writing down anything else that is not related to The Work. In addition to the guided walks (that will take place in Engelberg the mornings), spend as much time as you´d like outdoors and in silence.
To commit fully to this Retreat please obstain also from communication with people outside the retreat. Please let your loved ones, colleagues and clients know, that you are not available for phone calls, text messages or emails during the entire time.


Every participant in Engelberg gets a folder. Follow the links below for all the information participants attending onsite in Engelberg receive in their folders.


Katie invites you to share your experiences at home, after the opening session. Please send photos or short videos from wherever you are joining the webcast, and of your morning walks. We look forward to showing many of these as time allows, on the screens while people enter and settle in for the morning sessions in Engelberg.

You are welcome to send questions or something you’d like to share with Katie. In your email include your first name, your location, and your familiarity with The Work (I am new, I have some experience, I am a candidate or certified facilitator in the ITW). Please keep your question or sharing simple and short. Katie does her best to read all emails, and she may also address some of them during one of the sessions. ”

Please send your photos or short videos and email contributions to


If during the retreat you experience technical difficulties please let our support team know at All of your emails will be answered as soon as possible. Every broadcast begins 50 minutes before the regular start of the session (which is 5 minutes before the doors open in Engelberg). We recommend that you use this time to check if everything is working properly and not miss anything as soon as Katie starts.

We wish you a wonderful retreat,
Your “Being with Byron Katie“ Team

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