Participation Through Webcast

You can view the silent retreat online via webcast. For those unable to travel, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in these powerful sessions from the comfort of your home. People watching Byron Katie do The Work live report feeling deeply impacted as they follow along doing their own Work.

All sessions are available as videos. Also, if you want to re-watch a session, feel free to do so. Everything will be available until Saturday, 30. September 2017.

When you join us through the internet, we invite you to consider yourself present at the retreat in Engelberg, as though you are in the room. To support yourself in your own personal, silent retreat we encourage you to refrain from engaging in any and all distractions, including social interactions, during the full period of the retreat. This is a time for deep rest and stillness.

If you have a technical question or problems with the webcast, please send us an email to:

If you want to share a photo or a short video that shows your experience, please send us an email to:


This online retreat will work on Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers with the latest Flash Player (free download here), an unlimited data-usage plan and a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps.



WebcastUSD 230,-

Online Retreat Schedule

The schedule will be as follows:

Opening Session (1.5 hours)
Day 1Morning Session (3 hours)

Afternoon Session (3 hours)

Day 2Morning Session (3 hours)

Afternoon Session (3 hours)

Day 3Morning Session (3 hours)

Afternoon Session (3 hours)

Day 4Morning Session (3 hours)

Afternoon Session (3 hours)

Closing Session (1.5 hours)

Recordings of all sessions will be available until Saturday, 30. September 2017.

Available in six languages

The live webcast is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Being with Byron Katie

Questions about translation for the broadcast and recording

How does the translation work?

Both the sign-up website and the retreat live broadcast are available in multiple languages:

  • English
  • Hebrew
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French

This means that both the website interface, and the video broadcast is available in those languages. There will be live translation during the retreat. This means that when you watch the video, you will hear what is said on stage translated live by a human translator into your language. You can also switch between languages as you like. The archived recordings of the broadcast will also be available in all six languages.

How do I choose the language I want to use when watching the video?

It’s easy.
You will access the live broadcast and the archived recordings through the website you use to enter your sign up details.
Everywhere on this website you have the option to change the language. You can change it using the drop down box at the top right:

Here it is a little closer:

To change the language, just click the box, and a drop-down will appear with all the different available languages:

After clicking the language that you want, the entire website — including the live broadcast or archived videos — will now appear in that language:

You can also change the language in the video player itself, by choosing the drop-down menu at the bottom left hand part of the video player — circled here in magenta:

What will it be like participating through translation?

You will hear the video translated live into your language. If someone is speaking in your language already, you will hear their voice directly. If someone is speaking in a language other than yours, you will hear the voice of the translator instead of their voice. There may be a slight delay, this is unavoidable due to the nature of live translation.

How do I activate translation?

Translation is automatically activated when you change the language as described above. You go to the drop-down box at the top right, and choose the language you want.

Will I hear Katie in English or only through translation?

If you have selected a language other than English, you will hear Katie translated into that language.
If you want to hear Katie in English, you can select “English” and you will hear her without translation.

Will the translation remain available if I watch the archived recordings afterwards?

Yes, the translation will be available for as long as the recordings are available.

Support and technical questions

Who will I be able to approach for support if something is not working?

There will be a technical support team standing by to help you and answer your questions. At the bottom right of the website, there is a large friendly red button, “Technical Support”, which you can use to ask for help.
Or you can directly email with your questions.

For how long will the recordings be available?

The recordings of the sessions will be available until 30 September 2017 for you to watch at your convienience.


How do I order?

1. Start by clicking the “Click Here to Register Now” button:

or the “Register Now” button as it appears in your language:

2. Enter your email address, and then choose a password on the next screen. You will use this email address and this password to access the live broadcast later.
(The signup website is shown here in English, but you can change the language using the language selector box at the top right. If you change the language, then the entire website will appear in your language.)

3. You will see the message “Successfully Registered.” Click the OK button:

4. At the next screen, enter the email address you just used, and the password you just chose, and press “Log In”:
5. Now enter your payment details:
6. After your payment has been confirmed, you are signed up! You will be able to login with your email address and password to watch the live broadcast, or come back later to watch the archived recordings.